Behavioral Supports - WTFS has an in-house staff of behavior analysts and specialists who serve the majority of our service recipients.  Behavioral staff are integrated into the day-to-day instruction and oversight of our home staff.  Behavioral Staff develop plans and programs to support and enhance the behavioral functioning of our individuals. They also coordinate our life skills program ensuring that every person has the opportunity to learn and grow.

Day Services (Community) – Based on a service recipients ISP outcomes and personal wishes, WTFS offers access to community events and opportunities for full participation.  Trained WTFS staff offer assistance and guidance as needed, and every home is equipped with its own vehicle allowing each person access to the community.  

Day Services (Home) – WTFS staff is trained to work with or assist service recipients within their own home.  Based on the personal interests and needs, the staff teaches life skills in a multitude of areas such as self-help, exercise, meal preparation/nutrition, communication skills, leisure/enrichment activities and domestic management. Home routines are designed to promote independence and participation.

Nursing – All WTFS service recipients have 24 hour access to nursing care.  Our talented and highly trained LPNs, with RN oversight, make routine visits to homes and are on stand-by in case of emergency situations. Nursing staff develop and monitor an individualized healthcare plan for all service recipients and are highly involved in day-to-day medical needs.

Occupational, Physical & Speech Therapy  – WTFS is networked with various professional agencies that specialize in delivering one-on-one therapy, as well as in the training of WTFS staff in how to work on therapy goals with the service recipients in home and community situations. Therapy programs are integrated into the day-to-day routines.

Personal Assistance – WTFS has highly trained staff that can go to a service recipient who is living outside of one of the WTFS Family Teaching homes and provide training/supports in various areas of that individuals life from household chores to community participation.  Personal Assistance is typically provided to persons transitioning to WTFS residential program, or who are on the waiting list for residential services.

Supported Living (SL) – Supports up to 3 persons in a single family home in nice neighborhoods throughout Shelby County. Among the many residential options available in the community, supported living offers residents and family members the highest level of choice and decision-making.  SL homes offer supports consistent with a persons level of need, and in most cases are staffed 24 hours a day with awake staff.  SL homes strive for a family-oriented environment with all the natural routines and activities of typical families.

Supported Employment & Job Coaching – Over 50% of our service recipients have competitive jobs in the community.  WTFS has a job developer who works with employers to find appropriate job opportunities and address any employment concerns.  Most workers have a trained job coach with them while on the job.  The job coach trains, teaches, and encourages the worker to complete their job duties independently.

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