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Lend a helping hand... Create a few smiles... Build a lasting relationship

Because true relationships begin in the heart.

Please Contact: Sharon Perry @ (901) 373-9559 ext. 246
And become “Related By Heart” to WTFS

Summer 2011 -The 1st Baptist Church of Tallahassee Florida Youth Choir come all the way to Memphis
to make a joyful noise with the GLC Choir.
Tal choir

2010 - The Ohio State University returns during their spring break to detail all of the WTFS Vehicles

June 2009 - Volunteers from The Ohio State University weathered the aftermath of a storm that left a large part of the city without power,
as well as scorching heat to build a larger bin for our recycling program, and help paint The WTFS training center at the GLC.

2006, Kappa Sigmas from Mississippi State University
throw a Car Wash for WTFS Service Recipients -
Watch video below

and bless us again in 2008 by Painting 3 of our homes
Paint Day

University of Northern Alabama come to Memphis to paint a few of our homes

University of Indiana come down to paint and spend a day at the GLC (Spring 2009)
IU1...... IU3

Olive Branch Interact Club help to get the GLC in ship shape.

University of Kentucky send a house painting crew too (Spring 2009).

West Tennessee Family Solutions, a provider agency serving individuals with developmental disabilities,
is in need of helpful and caring people, businesses or civic organizations that would be willing to become involved
with one or more of our 28 homes in the Cordova, East Memphis area –
and the Special Residents who live in them.
If you house paint, do lawn care, fix things, cook, read stories, have a friendly
pet or would just like to join someone for a walk around the block –
Whatever your special gifts and talents are, we know some special people who would appreciate them.
Become Related by Heart with WTFS. Thanks!




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